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HITSMUN is set to take place from 8th to 10th September,2023 at Hindustan University, Bay Range Campus, Padur, Chennai. This Conference promises to bring about a transformative experience to its participants to facilitate those involved to step up as United Nations delegates, and gaining invaluable insights into how the global community collaborates to address pressing international crisis. The conference would provide you a unique platform to tackle complex real-world issues faced by politicians today.

Your active participation and cooperation will be pivotal as you work together to devise plausible solutions to these challenges, honing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills along the way.

At the core of HITSMUN lie the values of excellence and respect. Our primary objective is to bring current world affairs and global issues to the forefront of young minds, empowering you to realize your full potential in contributing to a better world. Understanding the significance of institutions like the United Nations and discovering how each individual can be a catalyst for change are key takeaways from this endeavor.

We sincerely believe that your presence at HITSMUN will add immense value to the conference, enriching the discussions and making a positive impact. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to grow personally and professionally while immersing yourself in an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment.

The Student Body Behind HITSMUN 2023

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