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HINDUSTAN INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2016-17 | Event Date: Friday, 5th, May 2017


Corporate Finale and Awards Ceremony

THE HINDUSTAN INNOVATION CHALLENGE The Hindustan Innovation Challenge - Innovate2Win is an initiative of Hindustan Technology Business Incubator (HTBI) & Hindustan Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (HEIC) of Hindustan University. The aim is to inspire the students use creativity, enabling them to form multidisciplinary teams. The students have come together as teams to work on their innovative projects comprising of two to six people. Student teams have presented their innovative projects through eight rounds of screening before the grand finale. .

The Hindustan Innovation Challenge is a one-of-its-kind science hunt, which aims to recognize young engineers from the campus to think out-of-the-box. The nominations for the challenge was thrown open to all streams of engineering in the campus, which thrilled many of the students to get together as teams and work on an innovative idea. As the domains were not restrictive, there was ample scope for creativity, multi-disciplinary approach and opportunity to work with a passionate idea. It is also interesting to note that the barriers of seniority in the campus were also broken, with many passionate and novice first year engineers enrolled themselves for the challenge without any hesitation about the expert seniors and researchers around the campus. .

The contestant teams have gone through the following competitive rounds in the Hindustan Innovation Challenge 2016-17:

  • 1. Submission of Abstract
  • 2. Preliminary Round - presentation
  • 3. Expert Panel Review
  • 4. Pitch Workshop & One minute pitch
  • 5. Expert Panel Review - Semi final
  • 6. Display of prototypes
  • 7. Posters and Videos submission
  • 8. Grand finale - Corporate Jury
  • Major benefits to the students Subsidiary Outcomes
  • A hands-on experience in ideation to product development
  • Identification of potential innovation talent in the campus
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary approach
  • Flipped classroom experience
  • Team work, leadership, pitching and peer learning.
  • Interaction with industry at the grand finale.
  • Featuring of student innovators in media
  • Potential product ideas getting converted as enterprise
  • Creation of Intellectual Property
  • After these rounds 15 teams were evaluated on May5, 2017 at the grand finale by 6 eminent members from different corporates & Professional bodies. The jury panel comprised of
  • Mr.HR Mohan, Vice Chair, IEEE Chennai Chapter,
  • Mr.S.K.Packiyanath, Head of Operations – Chennai ,VueData
  • Mr.Varun Sridharan, Founder & Director, Greenvironment
  • Mr.Sundar Nachiappan, Consultant, VueData
  • Mr.Prema Chandran, Core team member of PALS
  • Mr.Dorai Thodla, Founder, iMorph
  • AWARDS CEREMONY The Best Idea, Best Implementation, Best Social Impact, Best Business Potential and Jury’s Choice, were awarded with cash prizes and trophies by the galaxy of corporate veterans at the awards ceremony held on May 5, 2017 at the Hindustan University Campus. Presented below are the winners of the Hindustan Innovation Challenge 2016-17: . -
    Team Name Description of the idea Prize Won
    My Helper A mobile app that helps you to change your mobile phone sound profile settings and also receive contact numbers from your phone in an offline mode through a secured process Best Idea
    Auto tuner A device which will tune stringed instruments and help tyro musicians (guitar ) Best Implementation
    BAST- Black box Acoustic Signal Transmitte A device that shall help in rescue and relief during air crash Best Business Potential
    Geo Polymer Based Bricks A technology to aggregate waste material and convert it into blocks useful for constructionBest Social Impact
    CO2 sequestration A solution to Global Warming Control the CO2 emission from vehicle by Novel technology to control excess Global Warming Jury's Choice
    Flyalot-Droneaid A drone which enters the war zones to rescue wounded military jawans. Jury's Choice
    The students are working further to develop these ideas into products and reach out to the market through Hindustan Technology Business Incubator.