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M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Specialisation Pervasive Computing

  • M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Specialisation Pervasive Computing

About the Course

The major goal of this course is to provide knowledge that combines current networking technologies with wireless computing, Internet capability and artificial intelligence to create an environment for pervasive computing.

Salient Features

Rapid advances in digital electronics have made computing devices faster, cheaper, accurate and smaller. Tremendous progress in communications has also given users virtually unlimited bandwidth, anywhere and at any time. The resulting combination of virtually free computation and ubiquitous network access has fueled the new domain of pervasive computing. This course consists of the following modules to be learnt as compulsory electives along with core subjects of computer science and engineering.

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Programming with embedded systems
  • Real Time Systems
  • Nano Computing


After the successful completion of the course, the student will be able to

  • Design and deploy wireless sensor networks for specific applications
  • Have understood the basic concepts of ubiquitous computing
  • Design and develop a pervasive computing device for a specific need.
  • Develop a framework for pervasive computing.


Pervasive computing provides an environment that is rich with computation, com¬munication and its related devices, mobile users interaction with speech and vision, using secure access to personal or public data. Upon taking this course the student will be able to address the challenges like seamless communication between pervasive computing devices and integration of heterogeneous, small, embedded and mobile devices.

Duration : 2 Years