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M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Specialisation Internet Engineering

  • M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Specialisation Internet Engineering

About the Course

The significant goal of Internet Engineering is to offer a breadth of courses that explain all the fundamental concepts of Internet. The objective of this course is to comprehend fundamental design principles of Internet Protocols, IP addressing, and IP networks, including routing and forwarding.

Salient Features

The course emphasizes on the fundamental concepts of data communication and computer networks. The course includes concepts from computer science and engineering, telecommunication technology and information systems management. The course consists of the following modules to be learnt as compulsory electives along with core subjects of computer science and engineering.

  • Ethernet technology
  • Routing Technology
  • Internet Protocols
  • Information retrieval
  • Internetworking and Multimedia


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • implement efficient and low cost computer networks.
  • design and construct router for efficient communication.
  • Compare the performances of the existing protocol and develop a novel routing protocol.
  • efficiently retrieve and manipulate the data from the internet.


This course will enable the students to become a good network engineer as always there is a demand for networking professionals in the IT and ITES fields. The students will be able to excel in through the evolution of networks from shared Ethernet to switched; centralised to distributed architecture of internet. This course also provides the students with knowledge of recent advances, current practices and trends in these fields.

Duration : 2 Years