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The Centre for Clean Energy and Nano Convergence Centre,Hindustan University started in collaboration with QSRC,Dongguk University, Korea witha vision to work towards clean energy solutions incorporating the quintessence of Nanotechnology. As a member of the International Consortium on Nanotechnology, the centre strives to contribute to the nation’s growing need for sustainable energy.  As the name goes, an environmental friendly green technology has been developed for the fabrication of nanomaterials and being explored for its various energy applications.

A Team of well qualified research scholars in guidance with International and National expertise from Institutes like Uppsala University, KTH, Sweden, University of Nottingham, Dongguk University, IIT Bombay, IIT Chennai, Anna University are  working in the following thrust areas : Solar cells, Lithium ion Batteries, Bio medical applications, Luminescent devices, Sensors, Photocatalytic applications etc.

Ongoing Projects at the Centre includes:

The Centre taken up major research projects on improving efficiency in solar energy collection, conversion to electricity and applications:Metal oxide based thin film solar panels” Collaboration with QSRC, Dongguk University, South Korea and Naval Research Board, DRDO sponsored project entitled “Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency by down conversion phosphors for underwater solar panels towards naval applications.”

The Central Instruments Facility (CIF) is a service center of CENCON, Hindustan University. The purpose of establishing this center is to provide sophisticated analytical equipment to scientific community for their advanced research with nominal charges.

CIF houses equipment like

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with EDX – M/s Coxem, Korea
  • Hall Effect measurements –M/s Ecopia, Korea
  • Spectrofluorometer –M/sJasco, Japan
  • Shimadzu UV – Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Naberthem furnace (upto 12000C)
  • Hind Hi Vacuum thermal coating Unit
  • Electrodeposition Unit
  • Photoreactor with UV and Visible lights
  • Research results are presentedin various International and National platforms such as METECH 13 (Turkey), ICMAT 2013 (Singapore), ICMENC-2013(India), TMS -2013(USA), HYBRID - 2013 (Italy),PRE-14 (Spain), ICL-2014 (Poland), IMLB-2014 (Italy), NCGPNM (India) and ICCMP -2012 (India).

The Centre providesM.Tech(Nanotechnology) course and it is jointly conducted by CENCON and Dongguk University, South Korea.This is a dual degreeCourse on Science behind Nanodevices and a venture into its future applications. The salient features of this course is Interactive video conferencing by Global experts, Webinars and Special lectures by Scientists from abroad, Possible Internship at Industries in Samsung, South Korea, LG, South Korea, Opportunity to carryout final year projects at prestigious Universities like KTH, KoreaDongguk University and Uppsala University,

Contact: Head, CENCON | Email: cencon@hindustanuniv.ac.in