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Specialization in Genetic Engineering

  • Biotechnology specialisation - Genetic Engineering

About the Course

Genetic Engineering also called recombinant DNA technology is a human alteration of the genetic code of an organism, so that its biosynthetic properties are changed. Genetic Engineering is the backbone of biotechnology and the opportunities in the field are boundless. The course offers a hands-on training in advanced molecular biology techniques and cutting-edge research opportunities. The alteration of gene is made by cutting up and joining together genetic material, especially DNA from different biological species, and to introduce the resulting hybrid DNA into an organism in order to form new combinations of heritable genetic material. The major applications are for the industrial production of desired peptides or proteins, or to alter the biological capabilities of the organism. These techniques have been used in the field of agriculture to develop crops with agronomically useful changes, such as pest resistance and ripening properties that allow for shipment. In medicine, genes are silenced in experimental organisms, as well as the production of animal models of human disease by deriving strains of animals with mutated human genes. The future of genetic engineering focusses on the production of products and methods to modify an individual's cells to treat human disease.

Duration : 4 Years