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B.Tech. - Aeronautical Engineering with specialization in Avionics

  • B.Tech. - Aeronautical Engineering with specialization in Avionics

About the Course

Avionics engineers work in the aerospace industry. Their work encompasses tasks related to designing and programming electrical systems on board spacecraft, aircraft and satellites. Avionics engineers provide computer system support for all communication, navigation and guidance systems and perform testing to ensure that those systems work properly. Avionics Technicians have the opportunity to work with the modern avionics systems fitted to our fleet a fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts, including the recently upgraded maritime and reconnaissance aircraft and the new medium helicopter.

Salient Features

  • Avionics engineers may assist in installing and servicing avionics communications equipment.
  • They participate in designing, analysis, testing and calibrating avionic systems such as computer and electronic communication panels.


Working in the aerospace engineering subspecialty field of avionics, avionics engineers design and develop aircraft and spacecraft avionic instrumentation. They also conduct research to address problems associated with flight safety systems, landing gear and electronic navigation systems.

Employment prospects exist in Indian Air Force (IAF), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defense Research Development and Establishment (DRDO) and National Aeronautics Laboratory (NAL) or simply in the airline industry where qualified engineers are absorbed as technical officers.

Duration : 4 Years