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Last Date for Applying HITSEEE 2022 :     Phase-II : 12 June 2022     I     Entrance Examination: Phase-II : June 16 to 18, 2022     I     Publication of Rank List: June 20 2022(Phase-I & Phase-II)    I     Counselling Dates: June 24 to June 30, 2022(Phase-I & Phase-II)
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Last Date for Applying HITSCAT 2022: 18 June 2022    I     Entrance Exam Dates: June 22 to 24, 2022    I     Publication of Rank List: June 27 2022    I     Counselling Dates: June 30 to July 02, 2022
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Specialization in Autotronics

  • Specialization in Autotronics

About the Course

The objective of Automobile Engineering (Autotronics) is to develop and understand the principles of conversion in design, construction and working of mechanical systems and electronic systems in automobiles. The aim is to produce graduates with a broad understanding of all contextualized elements related to the electronic environment. Graduates will be equipped to solve multi-disciplinary problems and will be part of future developments in industries. It is anticipated that graduates from the course will play a major/lead role in design, management and coordination of multi-disciplinary projects.

The scope of this program is to impart knowledge to graduating students on the basics of automobiles, understanding of mechanical analysis and design combined with the advancement of sensor and microcontroller technology as well as standardization of communication protocol. The course also creates awareness on Electronics Engineering and Information Technology related to vehicle concepts and also train them to use software skills, analyse issues, improve performance and quality. Autotronics, a flexible engineering of automobiles that enable the engineer to fit anywhere in the automotive industry.

The general features of this course will provide knowledge and improve skill-sets in

  • The Basic Sciences in Engineering in the First year
  • The Basics of Mechanical Engineering in the Third Semester
  • The Basics of Automobile Engineering in the Fourth Semester
  • Various Specializations courses in Autotronics.

Salient Features

This course will provide knowledge and improve skill-sets in:

  • Developing the process of learning through a comprehensive educational plan
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Creating job opportunities
  • Providing students with appropriate atmosphere to create and distinguish
  • Introducing the importance of this advanced technology to the public

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities are expected to keep pace with continuing rapid advances leading to increased demand for competent and versatile graduates who can design and implement innovative solutions for the automobile industry in general and Automotive Electronics industry in particular. The course aims to enable students to meet this demand.

Duration : 4 Years