Centre for Automation and Robotics at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science was established on 20th October 2014 to promote educational and research activities in the field of robotics, automation and computer vision. This Centre bridges the gap between industries and University with a distinctive capability to harness the intellectual energy of academia to impact Indian industries. It is established as an interdisciplinary centre for schools of mechanical, electronics, electrical, aeronautical and computer sciences of Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science in response to the rapidly growing interest of Indian industries in robotics and automation in recent years. In order to propel the centre through its visionary path, committees are formed at different organization levels

VISION: A research team with synergetic strengths emphasizes on robotics and automation related research, product development, teaching, training and consultancy with a goal to innovate and disseminate new knowledge to meet the needs of industries and society

MISSION: To engage in multidisciplinary research in the fields of robotics and automation, condition monitoring, vision system and artificial intelligence. Centre strives to provide solutions which will support industrial automation systems. It also focuses on providing the students with a varied academic and research experience on industrial automation and robotics, and helps the University in educating the future work force in meeting the oncoming technical challenges and advancements in the field of automation and robotics.






Centre Head & Professor

Specialization: Condition Monitoring and Manufacturing Automation



Specialization: Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence


Assistant Professor

Specialization: Industrial Robots and Instrumentation


Assistant Professor

Specialization: Robotics and Control


Assistant Professor

Specialization: VLSI Design & Electronics

Mechatronics Faculty:

  • Mr P Ramesh Kumar, Asst. Prof.
  • Mrs N Seenu, Asst. Prof.
  • Mr A Vinoth Kumar, Asst. Prof.
  • Mr G Deena Dayalan, Asst. Prof.
  • Mr R Vishnu Vardhan, Asst. Prof.
  • Mrs K Lakshmi, Asst. Prof.


15+ Research Scholars
30+ Publications
Funded Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Dr M M Ramya

Funding Agency: Naval Research Board (DRDO)

This proposal envisages developing a complete, flexible, and extensible modular automated set of algorithms for adaptive enhancement and object recognition in underwater images. Soft computing approaches will be used in the proposed methodology to intelligently find optimal parameters for pre-processing, enhancement, and object recognition of underwater images

Principal Investigator: Dr M M Ramya

Funding Agency: Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (DRDO)

This study project is being initiated under CARS between CVRDE and HITS to mainly work out the configuration for the tactical warfare and demonstrate the PC based model with simulated situations, possible moves, defensive and offensive operations, command and control operations

Principal Investigator: Dr D Dinakaran

Co Investigator: Dr D G Harris Samuel

Funding Agency: Nelcast Ltd

Computerized testing of thickness of the casting component will enable the 100% testing of components and enhance the quality control. A Graphical User Interface will be developed to automatically plot the thickness values during the measurement. The proposed system will replace the existing destructive method with a reliable low cost solution

Principal Investigator: Dr D G Harris Samuel

Co Investigator: Dr D Dinakaran

Funding Agency: Newton Bhabha Scheme, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

Austempered ductile Iron (ADI) with high specific strength and about 10% reduced weight competes as a cost effective material substitute for forged steels in several core service sectors of engineering components. This project aims at developing detailed process know how for manufacture of advanced grades of ADI

Principal Investigator: Dr D Dinakaran

Co Investigator: Mr P Ramesh Kumar and Mr A Vinoth Kumar

Funding Agency: MTRDC (DRDO)

An ultra-response gas purging system for repetitive Marx generator is to be developed for continuously supplying N2 gas to the switch chamber with the gas pulse cycle time of 10 ms at 1000Hz

Principal Investigator: Dr D Dinakaran

Co Investigator: Dr D G Harris Samuel & Dr M M Ramya

Funding Agency: Newton Bhabha Scheme, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

This project aims to develop a computerized NDT for casting components to improve the quality of casting, reconstruct the casting component image using NDT to link it with quality control through IoT and to validate and transfer the technology to Indian and UK industries.

Funded Establishment Projects

Coordinator : Dr D Dinakaran

Funded By: SMC Pneumatics India

Year : 2015

This lab was established for the promotion of joint advanced training and research. State of the art faciliteis in the manufacturing automation is developed to cover pneumatics, electro pneumatics, PLC based automation, FMS and fault diagonosis

Coordinator : Dr D Dinakaran

Funded By: Yaskawa India

Year : 2014

This lab was established for the promotion of collaborative advanced training and research


  • Dr M M Ramya - 'Special Award' in 2013 for obtaining Funded Projects
  • Dr D Dinakaran - 'Special Award' in 2014 for Industry Interaction
  • Dr M M Ramya - 'Best Project Award' in 2014
  • Dr M M Ramya - 'Research Promotion Award' in 2015
  • Dr D Dinakaran - 'Best Young Technology Faculty Award' in 2014 by EET - Research Wing, India
  • Mr Shyam R Nair - 'BES Alumni Award' in 2015 from the Honorable Home Minister of Kerala
  • Dr D Dinakaran - '40 Under 40: Most Inspiring Teachers Award' by Indian Express in 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - CII Conference in Jun 2015
  • Dr D Dinakaran - Condition Monitoring Conference organized by CVRDE and CMSI in Dec 2015
  • Dr M M Ramya - Inclusive Manufacturing Forum organized by NIAS, IISc in 2017
  • Dr M M Ramya - AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Programme on IoT for ambient assistive technology organized by KCG College of Technology in Oct 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - Visiting Professors Conference organized by Royal Academy of Engineering, UK in Sep 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - National Conference on Condition Monitoring NCCM-17 organized by IGCAR and CMSI in Oct 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - AICTE sponsored National Seminar on Trends in Robotics organised by Sethu Institute Technology, Madurai in Nov 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - in AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Composite Materials organised by Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai in Nov 2017
  • Dr D Dinakaran - Session Chair and Participation in Research Colloquium in International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics organized by SRM University in May 2017
  • Dr M M Ramya - Advisor - Centre for Machine Vision at Marwadi University, Gujarat


Demonstration of Assitive Robot
First Lego League
First Lego League
First Lego League
Lecture by Prof. Pietro Valdastri, Leeds University, UK
Workshop on making a Robot
Quadcopter developed by Mr Abishek, Student
Demonstration of Quadcopter developed by Mr Abishek, Student
Robotic Football League in collaboration with RAIF
Assistive Robot developed by Mr Karthik kumar, Student

M.Tech Robotics program provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of robotics engineering covering its varied aspects such as Sensors & instrumentation, PLC, robot kinematics & dynamics, artificial intelligence, machine vision, industrial robots, industrial automation.

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Mechatronics is the synergic combination of mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer science and information technology, which includes control systems used to design products with built-in intelligence. The course focuses on all the topics needed to develop a good understanding of the basic principles used in mechatronics engineering.


Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma courses in the field of Industrial automation, Non Destructive Testing are offered by the Centre These courses are offered jointly by ANRO in collaboration with leading industries

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Round the year, guest talks, seminars and workshops are organized wherein eminent personalities from the corporate world and renowned institutions are invited to share real life experiences with students. A good blend of theory and practice is experienced by students



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